Making Democracy Work

Strategy, Meeting Agendas & Minutes


Strategy developed in June 2014 by the Board of Directors based on member input.

Joyce Beeman, September 2014

Inform Placer County citizens to enable active participation in shaping better communities.

Continually build knowledge of political processes and public policy to deliver unbiased, easy to access and reliable information to as many Placer County citizens as possible.

- Respect individuals through trust, integrity and professionalism
- Empower grassroots in LWVPC and in our communities
- Practice collective decision making for the common good
- Strive for diversity in membership and citizens served

LWVPC becomes the primary source for Placer County citizens to obtain unbiased, reliable public policy information they need to make informed decisions.

Placer County spans 100 miles of diverse geography and socioeconomic levels. The majority of the population is in the southwest end of the county, from Auburn to Roseville where LWVPC services focus, leaving the remainder of the county under served.

Members are highly-motivated, naturally-aligned citizens, most of who reside in and around the Roseville/Rocklin and Auburn areas. Members are actively aware of politics and public policy, some having run for and some holding public office. The full capacity of this high powered membership has been underutilized to date.

Membership spiked to over 71 the year LWVPC began and has been approximately 50 since then. Member diversity does not match the diversity of Placer County voters, leaving non-white, younger, less affluent and those living in the eastern end of the county underrepresented in our membership.

LWVPC retains at least 50% of the amount of the yearly budget in reserve .
Approximate distribution of Expenses:
70% research and education on issues
23% delivery of information to public
7% operating expense
Approximate distribution of Income:
69% dues (95% allocated to national and state research)
31% polls (100% retained for LWVPC use)

Our website is the hub for communication that is:
- Timely, compelling and focused on voters
- Pertaining to local aspects and is personal to our communities
- Consistent and repetitive across channels (social media, press, etc)
- Not wordy + information focused
- Not negative or scary
- Lacking internal jargon