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Lynne Roberts, Diana Madoshi, Kelly Reynolds, Sheila Reynolds, Pat Burke at Prop 218 presentation.

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Date & Time        Place        Description
Thursday, April 6, 2017
11:30am - 1pm
Round Table Pizza
6111 Horseshoe Bar Rd
Loomis, Ca 95650
Risks of Arrest for Black Citizens. Roseville Police Chief Hann will speak regarding racial inequality including racial issues he's seen in county, where biggest issues are, how a person should react when they're stopped by law enforcement to ensure they comply with the law. For more information, email Sheila Reynolds at
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Placer County Historic Courthouse
101 Maple Street
Auburn, Ca 95603
Denim Days. On April 26, women, and men, around the world celebrate Denim Day. Italy, a woman was raped. When it went to court, the judge said she was wearing tight jeans. That meant the only way the rape could have occurred was with her complicity. The rapist was freed. The next day, the women in Parliament were so incensed with the ruling, that they all wore jeans to work. The protest grew so that now there is Denim Day. It is part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Soroptimist support efforts to decrease sexual violence against women and we have participated in this event for several years, wearing denim all day. Again this year, they will be gathering on the Auburn Courthouse steps to show support along with LWVPC, law enforcement and local politicos. Please join us!

Thursday, May 4, 2017
11:30am - 1pm
Round Table Pizza
6050 Library Dr
Loomis, Ca 95650
Healthcare Reform & Legislative Updates. The U.S. has the most expensive health care system in the world but our nation ranks lowest in terms of efficiency, equity and outcomes. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was a comprehensive reform measure to address many problems that existed. As we recently witnessed, health care reform is complicated and not an easy fix. The Placer County League of Women Voters are bringing in guest speaker, Dr. Susan McGinty, to revisit short and long-term goals of the PPACA, and the consequences and impact of "Repeal and Replace". Dr. McGinty will also provide state and federal legislative updates.

This meeting is free of charge, open to the public, and questions will be taken from the audience. For more information, contact Bonnie London, RN at

Thursday, June 1, 2017
11:30am - 1pm
Round Table
6111 Horseshoe Bar Road
Loomis, Ca 95650
LWVPC Election of Board of Directors. LWVPC members will elect new members of the Board of Directors for a 2 year term.
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Ron Stork, Friends of River at Water Forum
Dr. Solis, UC Davis at Water Forum
Paul Hellicker, Dept of Water Resources, Andy Fecko, PCWA at Water Forum.
Kris Berry, Placer County LAFCO Exec Officer
Mental Health Panel Maureen Bauman, PC HHS; Amy Daniels, National Alliance on Mentally Ill; Katrina Copple, Family and Friends Coordinator; Linda Franklin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker